Watermelon diet - advantages and disadvantages of losing weight with a watermelon diet

watermelon diet for weight loss

Each of us wants to always stay in great shape, be slim and fit. But, unfortunately, some begin to gain weight with age due to individual characteristics that gain weight after childbirth, and some simply quit regular sports and recovered significantly. Everyone has different reasons for the appearance of extra pounds, but everyone wants to eliminate them with the help of special diets and physical activity. To date, the watermelon diet for weight loss is widely used.


If you do everything right, you will lose those extra pounds very quickly. This method of losing weight is seasonal. After all, watermelon can not be bought at any time of the day. Such a mono-diet implies a special calculation, on the basis of which you should consume 1 kilogram of watermelon pulp per 10 kilograms of your total body weight. So, you will lose weight very quickly. The process of losing weight with the help of this technique will surely appeal to you. After all, almost everyone loves watermelon. And the very principle of losing weight with the help of this diet is to remove excess substances from the body, namely cereals and toxins. Watermelon helps.

Watermelon Diet - General Principles

Watermelon is not only a juicy and tasty product, but also a healthy berry, the juice of which has practically no natural salts and acids. But in its composition there are alkalis, which have a positive effect on the urinary system.

Nephrologists advise people who regularly suffer from the presence of kidney stones to use this gourd culture. It is also useful to eat the product during exacerbations of pyelonephritis, cystitis and nephritis, but in small quantities.

Popular nutritionists who have enlisted the support of doctors recommend eating up to 2 kg of this striped berry per day. If you decide to try a watermelon diet, but are afraid of a monotonous menu, then nutritionists advise drinking 2 glasses of watermelon juice with 5 g of honey during it.

This nutritional technique is a cleansing mono-diet. It allows you to remove excess fluid and harmful substances from the body, thanks to a pronounced diuretic effect.

The benefits and harms of a watermelon diet

The main advantage of the watermelon diet is its easy tolerance and lack of hunger, which not every other weight loss method can boast of.

Diet Benefits:

  • lowering the amount of cholesterol in the blood;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes in the body;
  • removal of toxins from the body;
  • cleansing the kidneys from stones;
  • stabilization of intestinal motility;
  • reducing the risk of developing cancer cells.

Useful properties of the product are due to its chemical composition:

  • ascorbic and nicotinic acids;
  • vitamin A;
  • iron;
  • sodium;
  • B vitamins;
  • riboflavin;
  • potassium;
  • thiamine;
  • calcium;
  • folic acid;
  • niacin;
  • carotene;
  • lipokine.

Only 0. 25 kg of the product eaten makes up for the daily human need for magnesium. 100 g of watermelon pulp contains only 38 kcal, which makes this product indispensable for those who want to lose weight quickly and effectively.

It is useful to eat watermelons for gastritis, anemia, hepatitis A, gallbladder diseases, arterial hypertension, heart defects, arthritis and other diseases. Watermelons are also useful for men, as they help restore potency.

The striped berry can harm the body when combined with alcohol. In this case, an upset stomach is likely.

allowed foods on the watermelon diet

Allowed and prohibited products

The watermelon diet is a mono-diet, therefore, if it is observed for up to 3 days, you can only eat watermelons and drink green tea, still water. If you follow a diet for more than 3 days, you can eat oatmeal boiled in water, vegetable salad, cottage cheese.

For the duration of weight loss, refrain from the following products:

  • carbonated water and store juices;
  • sweets;
  • smoked meats;
  • fat meat;
  • sweet tea and coffee;
  • bread;
  • milk drinks;
  • flour products.


If you follow the watermelon diet, you can lose up to 3 kg, and with further adherence to special nutrition, you will lose another 5 kg. The duration of the diet should not exceed 5 days, watermelon nutrition - 10 days. The watermelon diet is easily tolerated and is especially pleasant in hot summer weather.

The composition and value of watermelons

Many people ask questions about whether it is possible to lose weight on watermelon. The answer is unambiguous - you can. But at the same time, if you were previously accustomed to eating watermelons with bread, then you will have to give up the latter. Bread is not a dietary product. Watermelon diet will help you eliminate those extra pounds very easily. Watermelons themselves have a high nutritional value.

They include the following components:

  • Water at 90%. This is exactly what you need for fasting days, besides, it is water that is an excellent diuretic;
  • Proteins that a person should eat daily;
  • Sugar, namely fructose, sucrose and glucose;
  • Vitamins and trace elements necessary for the human body;
  • Minerals - potassium, calcium, sodium and iron;
  • Pectin and alkaline substances that lower cholesterol;
  • Fiber, normalizing the work of the digestive tract;
  • Antioxidants that protect the body from age-related disorders.

So, a watermelon diet will saturate you with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. No wonder watermelon is considered an excellent remedy for obesity, treats gastritis, anemia, hypertension, Botkin's disease, gout, arthritis, atherosclerosis, gallbladder disease, kidney stones, psoriasis, nosebleeds, and so on.

It is important! During the watermelon diet, refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages, as they contribute to weight gain.

Losing weight with the watermelon diet is easy enough. Reviews and results of the watermelon diet indicate that you can lose up to 20 kilograms in a month without harming your health. This diet is quite tasty, you will not feel disadvantaged during this period, because you will receive all the necessary trace elements in food.

Watermelon diet - recommendations

This method of losing weight, if followed correctly, gives a powerful diuretic effect. This property has both the berry itself and its peel.

A decoction of watermelon peel helps to cope with swelling caused by diseases of the kidneys and heart. To prepare a medicine at any time of the year, prepare raw materials in the summer by drying the crusts in the oven.

decoction recipe


  • watermelon peels - 0. 1 kg;
  • water - 1 l.


  1. Place the peels in a saucepan, fill them with water.
  2. Put the container on the stove and boil for five minutes.

Usage: Drink a cold decoction of 110 ml up to 4 times a day.

Effect: Elimination of edema, improvement in rheumatism and gout.

Watermelon seeds help to cope with worms. To do this, the seeds should be dried, ground in a coffee grinder, mixed with milk in a ratio of 1 to 10. Take the finished product 500 ml twice a day separately from meals.

The load on the kidneys

The applied watermelon diet for the kidneys involves a significant increase in the load. Its use is strictly prohibited in the following cases:

  • with kidney diseases and a decrease in their performance;
  • if they contain stones with a diameter of 4 mm;
  • in diseases of the urinary tract.

Such a diet involves saturating the body with a large amount of water, and it must be removed in a timely manner.

Everything must be done in moderation. As soon as you feel a deterioration in your condition, stop this procedure immediately. Be healthy!

Watermelon Diet Menu

The daily rate of watermelon is calculated based on the weight of the person losing weight. For every 10 kg, it is recommended to eat 1 kg of watermelon. For example, if you weigh 80 kg, then the daily norm of the product should not exceed 8 kg.

During weight loss, it is permissible to drink plenty of fluids - still water, green and herbal tea. If you feel worse, you should immediately stop the diet.

For 1 day

If you prefer to periodically arrange fasting days, then a one-day watermelon diet is ideal for you. During the day, you should eat the portion of the product calculated according to the formula, dividing it into 5 servings. Also drink up to 1. 5 liters of pure water or green tea.

For 2 days

If you want to extend the diet, then use the product according to the scheme of the first day, adding 2. 5 liters of pure water to it. Drink unsweetened herbal tea if you like.

For 3 days

You can’t eat watermelons alone for a long time, as this can lead to a deterioration in well-being. Therefore, starting from day 3, the diet menu becomes more extensive.

Below is a sample menu for 3 days:

  • breakfast - 0. 2 kg of fat-free cottage cheese, 150 g of watermelon;
  • snack - 250 g of watermelon;
  • lunch - 250 ml of rice porridge boiled in water, a serving of watermelon;
  • afternoon snack - 50 g fat-free cottage cheese;
  • dinner is the same as lunch.

For 5 days

The five-day meal plan suggests the same diet as the three-day diet. During this time, you can lose weight by 5 kg.

You can eat no more than 5 kg of striped berries per day. In the morning you can drink 1 cup of coffee without sugar.

Medicinal use

If you decide to use the watermelon diet for medicinal purposes, you should first consult with your doctor.

For pregnant women

If a woman is carrying a child, she needs to follow these recommendations:

  • eat up to 3 kg of watermelon per day;
  • stick to such a diet for no more than 3 days in a row;
  • the menu should include cereals, turkey, chicken, fruits and vegetables.

To remove sand or stones from the body

In the presence of calculi formed by uric acid salts, you can follow this diet for a week:

  • per day there are 2. 5 kg of watermelon with rye bread;
  • drink at least 2 liters of fluid.

Watermelon diet has a positive effect on the body.

For the treatment of psoriasis

For 14 days, you can follow a lighter diet. For 1 kg of weight, take 100 g of watermelon (maximum 5-6 kg per day), the resulting amount is divided into 5 servings. For lunch and afternoon tea, only berries are eaten. For breakfast, add another 1 tsp. honey, for lunch - a piece of grain bread, for dinner - pumpkin porridge with rice in milk, vegetables.

Watermelon diet for a week

If your goal is to lose 2-3 kg without a strong change in your usual diet, then this 7-day diet will help you with this. The number of striped berries is calculated according to the scheme - for every 30 kg of weight there is 1 kg of product. Dinner should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

Below is the menu for the entire week:

  • breakfast - a mug of unsweetened green tea, 250 ml of oatmeal boiled in water without sugar and salt, 1 boiled egg;
  • lunch - vegetable salad dressed with olive oil, 0. 2 kg of steamed fish;
  • dinner - a serving of watermelon, calculated based on its own weight.

The right way out of the diet

Let's figure out how to get out of the watermelon diet without harming the body. It should be remembered that during this time (5-10 days) the body got used to this food, and cannot abruptly switch to a more rigid diet.

In addition, during the specified period, a person has lost significant weight (it can be up to 10 kg).

You need to consolidate your achievements, as the body is significantly hungry. With uncontrolled saturation of its nutrients, the weight will quickly return, and may even exceed past levels.

For this you need:

  • carefully plan the exit to an ordinary diet for 10 days;
  • every day the diet will be weakened, but it should be strictly adhered to;
  • at first, vegetable salads, cereals on the water, cheese, lean fish and meat are well suited;
  • at this time, you should continue to use watermelon, but at the rate of 1 kg per 30 kg of body;

It can take up to two weeks for the transition to normal food to begin. During this period, it is possible to lose up to 10 kg of excess weight.

Keep track of your accomplishments, stay active, and watch your diet strictly.

Watermelon diet for 10 days

If you follow this nutritional technique, you can lose weight by 6-8 kg. There are several menu options, strict and sparing. Stick to the one you like best.

Strict Diet

Three times a day, eat equal portions of the berry, calculated according to your weight. Drink plenty of non-carbonated water and herbal teas. Snack on green apples, plums, and peaches.

sparing diet

The last meal should be 4-5 hours before bedtime. A serving of watermelon is calculated according to the scheme - 1 kg of berries per 30 kg of your weight.

Below is a sample menu for 10 days:

  • breakfast - oatmeal, brewed with boiling water, 2 slices of low-fat cheese;
  • lunch - 0. 25 kg of boiled lean meat, vegetable salad seasoned with olive oil;
  • dinner - a portion of a striped berry.

The task of the watermelon diet is to achieve a smooth weight loss without harming the body. Due to the pronounced diuretic effect, watermelon nutrition should be treated with caution by people with diabetes mellitus, diseases of the kidneys and digestive organs. Being on a mono-diet for longer than 5 days is extremely dangerous - this can lead to exhaustion of the body. It is best to use sparing options - with kefir, apples, bread and cottage cheese. Properly structured nutrition will help get rid of toxins and toxins, feel light and achieve harmony in a short time.

Watermelon-kefir diet

This food system is designed for 3, during which you can feel better up to 3 kg. Its effectiveness is due to the diuretic action of both components of the diet, kefir and watermelon, as well as their control of the rate of digestion.

During the diet, you should drink low-fat kefir, its daily intake is 1 liter. During the day, alternate the use of 0. 4 kg of watermelon and 250 ml of kefir every 3 hours.

The advantage of this method of losing weight is the improvement of the intestinal microflora, the functioning of the liver and kidneys, and the strengthening of immunity.

Benefit and harm

The main advantage that the watermelon diet for weight loss has is its high efficiency. It is easily tolerated and, if the monotony does not get tired, there will be no unpleasant sensations of hunger. The berry brings special benefits to the female body, enriching it with useful substances and vitamins. You get a large amount of folic acid and magnesium with watermelon slices, flush out toxins and toxins.

Eating watermelon pulp can lead to malfunctions of the body and certain problems. In large quantities, sweet berries are forbidden to be eaten for a number of diseases, so pay attention to contraindications before switching to a new diet. Watermelons also increase the load on the genitourinary system. Eating only berries, you deprive the body of fats and proteins necessary for its normal functioning.

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watermelon-cucumber diet

The duration of this weight loss technique is 2 weeks, during which you will lose 15 kg. Every day you should eat 1 kg of cucumbers and watermelon, and drink 1 water each. During the day, it is allowed to eat a slice of rye bread, and drink 250 ml of low-fat kefir 2 hours before bedtime.

During the diet, it is highly undesirable to engage in any physical exercise. Get as much rest as possible and spend time outdoors, sleep at least 8 hours a day, drink vitamins.

You can not follow this method of nutrition for people with gastritis, kidney failure, with a stomach ulcer.

Popular Diet Questions

How many watermelons are allowed to eat per day?

There are several approaches to calculating the daily intake of berries. Some sources give the following data: 1 kg of watermelon pulp per 10-15 kg of weight. However, with high obesity, losing weight, it is simply unrealistic to comply with such a norm. And the total caloric content of the food consumed will be high. Therefore, the figure of 2 kg of pure pulp per day will be optimal. This amount will be enough to eat, observing the physiological minimum of calories.

What foods don't pair with watermelon?

It is highly undesirable to use any sweets, fatty foods and alcohol along with watermelon. This will not only reduce the effectiveness of the diet, but also lead to serious indigestion.

How many days can you go on a diet?

The duration of the classic mono-diet, which involves the presence of only watermelon in the diet, should be a maximum of 5 days. If you are going to stick to a diet longer, supplement watermelon with black bread, protein foods, cottage cheese and cereals. The duration of such a diet can be brought up to 14 days.

How much liquid can you drink?

Nutritionists recommend drinking plain purified or still mineral water. It is undesirable to drink coffee, juices, any sweet drinks, but weak green tea without sugar is allowed. Considering the fact that watermelon is practically one continuous water, the rate of drinking clean water can be reduced to 1 liter per day.

How many calories are in watermelon?

Watermelon is a low-calorie food. 100 g of watermelon pulp contains about 30-40 kcal. For comparison, in 100 g of bread - 265 kcal, in 100 g of banana - 90 kcal, in a glass of kefir - 120 kcal.

Are there any rules for eating watermelons?

Purchased gourds are dangerous with a high concentration of nitrates. Therefore, it is best to purchase fruits during the peak season - starting from mid-August. The cut slice should be eaten, retreating 2-3 cm from the peel, where nitrates are the most. Store cut watermelon in the refrigerator is allowed no longer than a day.

How many pounds can you really lose weight?

Watermelon diet for weight loss has different effectiveness. It all depends on the duration of special nutrition and supplements in the form of other products. It will be possible to reduce weight by 3-4 kg in 5 days, and if you correctly follow the diet for 14 days, you can notice a loss of 10 kg.

What to do if you can't lose weight?

If the scale arrow stubbornly shows the same figure during the first 2-3 days, you should not worry. As a rule, the first time the body adapts and rebuilds to a new diet. On the third or fourth day, body weight should move from the "dead center".

What is the minimum amount of time you need to be on a diet?

Watermelon diet can be used for weight loss in one day mode - the so-called unloading. A small weight adjustment (up to 1. 5-2 kg) can be achieved in two days of watermelon nutrition.

Are there many vitamins and other useful substances in watermelon?

The concentration of vitamins and minerals in watermelon is low. The pulp contains the most vitamins C, A, E, PP, B9, B6, B2, B1. Of the minerals of the composition, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium can be especially noted. But the fruit is rich in fiber and lycopene - this organic compound acts as an antioxidant and prevents oncopathologies.

watermelon protein diet

This method of losing weight is designed for 10 days, during which you can lose up to 6 kg without feeling hungry. This nutrition system is suitable for meat lovers, some experts consider such nutrition to be balanced. Extra pounds will go away with minor negative consequences.

The principle of nutrition lies in the use of several slices of watermelon after the main meal, as well as with snacks. The daily norm of the product is at least 2 kg.

For maximum results, eat lean meats such as turkey or chicken, lean fish, low-fat cheese, and low-fat yogurt for 10 days. If desired, drink milk, the fat content of which is 1%, unsweetened green tea, still water. Alcohol and confectionery products will have to be completely abandoned.

Watermelon-buckwheat diet

Another variation of a balanced diet using striped berries and buckwheat. Such a menu will help you lose weight significantly and not feel hungry at the same time.

Throughout the day, eat buckwheat porridge (1 kg), cooked in water and without salt. The amount of gourds is 50 g for every 1 kg of your weight, but should not exceed 5 kg per day. Vegetable salads dressed with lemon juice or olive oil are also allowed. In unlimited quantities, you can drink unsweetened green tea or herbal decoction, clean water.

The last meal should not be later than 5 pm. If hunger begins to overcome you, then before going to bed, drink 250 ml of fat-free kefir.

Who the diet is not for

It is not recommended to limit yourself in nutrition and go on mono-diets, which include watermelon:

  • pregnant women;
  • nursing mothers;
  • teenagers under the age of 18.

The diet is not suitable for patients who have recently undergone surgery or a serious infectious disease. In all these cases, it is better to take care of a nutritious diet, in which the physiological norm of carbohydrates, fats and proteins is observed.

For a period of high physical and mental stress, it is better to refuse a diet - it will reduce efficiency, provoke a breakdown and apathy. Take a closer look at the protein diet, where the diet is more varied.

It should be taken into account that watermelon causes frequent urge to go to the toilet, therefore, in the absence of proper hygiene conditions, the diet should be postponed, for example, for a weekend or vacation.

During pregnancy

During pregnancy, the female body needs additional mineral nutrition, which will help make up for the lack of certain trace elements for the proper development of the fetus. And all these elements are present in watermelon.

Eating watermelon while carrying a child will help cleanse the body of toxins and excess fluid. On the day of a pregnant woman, you can eat no more than 5 kg of melons.

The main danger of watermelon consumption during pregnancy lies in the presence of nitrates in the composition of the product, which will adversely affect the health of the woman and child. Therefore, it is advisable to eat watermelons from your garden or buy them in trusted places. Before using the product, a consultation with a gynecologist is required.


People with intestinal diseases should limit the use of watermelons, since the use of the product can provoke bloating. You should also limit the consumption of berries in late pregnancy, with diabetes and severe edema.

People with kidney disease should not eat a lot of watermelon, as this can lead to a deterioration in well-being. In all other cases, before using the product, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

How to get out of the diet

To consolidate the effect obtained, it is important to know how to exit the diet correctly. After you stop following a restricted diet, try not to return to your usual foods for the next few days. Do not eat flour confectionery. Also banned are smoked, salty, fatty foods. If possible, eat stews or steamed foods, fried foods can adversely affect the figure.

Give preference to protein foods - lean fish, lean meats, fruits and vegetables. Reduce your usual portions by 1. 5 times and continue to eat watermelon.

Menu for exiting the diet

Below is a sample menu that you can follow after stopping the diet:

  • breakfast - 0. 3 kg of watermelon;
  • snack - 220 ml low-fat yogurt, rye bread toast;
  • lunch - vegetable salad, 100 g of boiled chicken meat;
  • afternoon snack - a slice of black bread, 0. 3 kg of watermelon;
  • dinner - vegetable salad.

Don't forget to drink! Drink at least 2 liters of non-carbonated water per day.